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My name is Erin Elise Blair. I have been an internet model for about two years now, and it is a profession I take very seriously. I am originally from Houston, Texas, and I now reside in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am single, no children, I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, I'm 5'2" flat-footed (but you will never see me that way!), I weigh 105 lbs, my measurements are 34C-24-32. I have always had an interest in glamour, make-up, fashion, and photography. Before modeling, I had a brief interest in weightlifting. I competed a couple of times in High School - but don't ask me how much I bench press, because I won't tell! Anyway, squats were my strong point! Although I occasionally agree to paid modeling assignments, my modeling is reserved almost exclusively for this website, which I own, designed, and maintain myself.

I have always had a fetish for sexy legs in high heels. I love to wear tight, short skirts and shorts with high heeled sandals, pumps, and boots. My vast wardrobe includes sexy lingerie, swimsuits, dresses, leather, intimate apparel, shoes, boots, and on and on... I also have a passion for stockings and pantyhose. Almost no outfit is complete without these sleek and silky accompaniments!

I am definitely an exhibitionist, and I love the attention I get when I dress up and go out on the town. Even though I always dress in high heels and short skirts when I go out, I just cannot seem to attract enough attention to quench my exhibitionistic desires! That is why I decided to develop this web site. It allows me to act out all of my leg scene fantasies for men and women who love the sexy look of stocking clad legs in high heels. I love looking sexy, and even a bit nasty, whether I am lounging around the house, going to work, going shopping, or going out to my favorite club.

A membership to my site will offer you a glimpse into my world of high heel shoe licking, stockings (FF and RHT), stay-ups, pantyhose, boots (ankle/knee/thigh), high heels, platforms, short shorts, short skirts, tight dresses, leather, wetlook, smoking, etc., etc. I love the camera, and I'm not shy about showing off my assets! I find sharing my pictures and sexy little secrets with you exciting and erotic. From my business suit and glasses to my cut-offs and tank tops - I never neglect the essence of glamour, sex appeal, and down-right naughtiness that is part of all of our souls. That little devil sitting on your shoulder isn't going away. So, why don't you sit with me a spell, and see if you can give him some reprieve!

I also love hearing from my members about what they like to see me in. I love interacting with my admirers, and gratifying their specific desires anytime I can. That is part of MY fantasy! Think of me as your personal caterer - preparing your favorite dish, with all the frills, made to order! So... tell me what you like - and what you don't. I promise I will not reveal your secrets, and I do not embarrass easily!

Please come visit me at my official website.  You won't be disappointed!
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